Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Business Travel is still reasonable

With awesome corporate discounts!

Your local airport offers no coupons, no discounts and certainly no corporate programs but check with your Off-Airport lots... we almost ALL offer some great deals. For Example, look at USAirport Parking near DIA in Denver.

Our lot offers a corporate discount program saving you 25% on each stay, allows you to earn FREE parking with our punch card program, and in you don't like those- we have on-line coupons right on our website.

Some of us remember when air travel USED to be FUN... and in those days you didn't have to get dressed AGAIN at your airport... and "Brenda" never took your soda pop!

Give US a try on your next trip out of Denver- you'll be glad you did- and I KNOW we will too!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Vacation Over in COlorado- let's get down to Business

OK Colorado, "Summer Vacation" is over; kids are heading back to school already; so let's get down to business; or as Gary would say, "Grab your bag- it's on"!

Third Quarter is wrapping up and there are just 2 months until Fall Break, so book your business flight- while Southwest has some fare sales (just got a DING! this morning). And remember, save on your airport parking too. Click over to USAirport Parking and check out the discounts and options we have for business travelers.

Be sure you sign up your company to get corporate discount cards before you go and $AVE 25% on your parking at DIA. We'll also give you a punch card to earn FREE PARKING along the way... just 30 days of paid parking yields $45 in FREE PARKING for your next family trip.

And remember- your bags ride FREE on USAirport Parking shuttles!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Thanks for choosing US!

At USAirport Parking we realize you have some choices when it comes to airport parking. I know you hear this on a lot of your actual flights, but WE mean it TOO!

OK, you have your boarding pass, your hotel reservation, your rental car confirmation and you are ready to go... but where are you going to leave your car? The airport lots are nice, but between the astronomical price (and they call that economy!) and the lack of service - not such a great choice.

You could exit at rental car row and park with Wally, but at even MORE than the airport charges- why?! And after a local TV investigations that brought security to light, again- not such a great choice.

There is a lot in Aurora- not exactly NEAR DIA. And another lot is way off 56th ave. but with their bankruptcy, how do you know if they will be open? And both of those lots charge access/fuel charges on top of their "low" rates.

The only logical alternative is USAirport Parking- the leader in Denver Airport Parking for nearly 12 years! With the largest off-airport lot in the World, safe and secure 24/7 and discount programs like no other, the choice is quite clear.

We pick you up at your car and drop you at curbside check-in, about every 5-7 minutes. With Covered parking and Valet options you want for nothing. Discounts, coupons, corporate and travel agent programs, free tire inflation, free jump-starts, drivers are eager to help with your luggage... the list goes on and on. But what is even more impressive? What our customers say. Check out the feedback pages.

We'll see you on your next trip!

Friday, August 13, 2010

DIA East "econo" and Pikes Peak lots are FULL

Plenty of parking available for Vacation travelers

Ah, vacation time! Let's get one more weekend trip before it's back-to-school...

Denver Airport lots are filling fast, some are already full! You may see some blogs reminding you to make airport parking reservations for the busy travel dates. DON'T WORRY- as the world's LARGEST off-airport parking lot, USAirport Parking will have plenty of space for you!

Thanksgiving and December holidays may be quite busy, but we have about 3,000 open spots right now and don't have enough reservations on the books to even cause a twitch!

With Pikes Peak and DIA "economy" lots full, come on out, but first click into the website and get your coupon