Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How'd we do for you?

Thanks to everyone who parked at USAirport Parking over Spring Break! We had a very nice turnout and appreciate your staying with US!

You are our bread & butter and we are always glad to have you on the lot. Please take a moment to visit our website and give your feedback, good or not-so-good, so that we can continue to improve on our first-class service- even during the peak travel season! Without your comments and feedback we have a difficult time making corrections and introducing new services.

So again, I want to take the time to thank you and invite you back for your next business trip... or your Summer Vacation.We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Spring Break is OVER- let's get down to Business

OK Colorado, "Spring Break" is over, so let's get down to business; or as Gary would say, "Grab your bag- it's on"!

First Quarter is nearly over and there are just 2 months until Summer Vacation, so book your business flight- while Frontier and Southwest have some fare sales. And remember, save on your airport parking too. Click over to USAirport Parking and check out the discounts and options we have for business travelers.

Be sure you sign up your company to get corporate discount cards before you go and $AVE 25% on your parking at DIA. We'll also give you a punch card to earn FREE PARKING along the way... just 30 days of paid parking yields $45 in FREE PARKING for your next family trip.

And remember- your bags ride FREE on USAirport Parking shuttles!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring in the Rockies

You GOTTA love Spring in the Rockies! Lightning & Thunder becomes Hail, turns to RAIN, turns to a foot of snow all in about an hour and a half! And this is the HEAVY, WET stuff that'll be fun for the kids to shovel as thy enjoy a snow-day off of school.

Now, how about travel? Well DIA airport is OPEN with a couple runways, so head on out! And the airport parking garages are FULL, the "economy lots" are FULL and Valet is FULL as well.

BUT at USAirport Parking we have 3,000 open spots (well, some are full of snow!) including Covered and Valet. Our bUses are running about every 5-7 minutes and the airport roads are cleared so we wil lget you to curbside check-in fast and on-time.

We'd love to help you out today... and if your highway exits are closed, just call and we will talk you in!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break Flights this weekend?

Flying for Spring Break this weekend? It's only 10:30 AM on Friday and DIA's Pikes Peak and East Economy lots are FULL. Be sure you check a couple things before you go:
1. Is your flight on-time?
2. What is the Security Wait at DIA?
3. How do you get to USAirport Parking?

USAirport Parking has almost 3,000 open spaces and we will NOT fill up this weekend- so $SAVE Time & Money- just exit Pena Blvd @ Tower Rd and go NORTH a half mile to US!

Meanwhile, click here to get a coupon or here to get directions from where ever you are starting your trip.

Your car deserves a Spring Break too, bring it USAirport Parking!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

United Airlines business travel deals

Are you flying on United for your next business trip? Good for you! Now, how do you make up for the fees and extra costs they are going to charge you? $ave on your airport parking!

Airports make you think they are the only place to park- at the "bargain rates" that they set. Off-airport parking is the best-kept secret in the travel business. You can $ave some serious cash by avoiding the airport lots and using folks like USAirport Parking in Denver.

Look for things like corporate discounts, frequent parker programs, coupons that are good on VALET as well as open & covered spaces. Be sure you don't PAY extra to join any programs- ours are always FREE to you!

Take minute and search the web for your local off-airport lots. They may not be as large as US, but they offer some great deals for business travelers! See you on YOUR next trip!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Frontier Airlines Travelers $AVE on pre-flight Airport Parking

Frontier Airlines has survived, and those of you who actually bought a "fare sale" ticket will now need a place to park before your trip. Never fear, USAirport Parking is Here!

Like a SuperHero, US is ready to $ave you from airport parking lot price gouging, local competitors who provide less-than-awesome "customer service" and most-importantly, to help you NOT have to ask family and friends to drive you to DIA and pick you up after your trip (talk about rubbing it in!). That's the trifecta of airport parking, without the bets and risk!

Fall Break travel in your future? Leave your car with US- it's safe, secure, well-lit and we are staffed 24/7 with friendly and efficient drivers and cashiers. And, we strive to provide ALL our travelers with EXTREME customer service.

We know you have choice in airport parking- some are good, some are nor, others are stellar- and we appreciate your choosing US... We are leading the fight for truth, justice and the American way!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Don't take MY word for it

At USAirport Parking WE think we are the BEST around. What do our customers say?

We parked for 4 days and when we went to pickup our car the night of 10/13 the battery was dead because we had left the interior dome light on. We were really bummed but called the parking lot number and a very nice lady came right out and jumped our car and we were on the road in 10 minutes. Great service!! - M. W. 10/26/2009

I moved to US Airport Parking from WallyPark at DIA for a few reasons. 1) Your parking is organized, there is always a shuttle waiting for me when I park and when it s pick up time from the terminal. 2) Your drivers speak fluent English... - J. T. 10/2/2009

Amazing. While in Canada, I washed my parking locator slip. USAirport Parking found my car and emailed me the information. I can t thank them enough. I will always park here. - C.W. 9/25/2009

I have tried many of the parking facilities in the DIA area and have found yours to be the best. I will continue to use you. - C.M. 9/25/2009

Since 2006 I was in the air every week and drove right to the airport garage- top level, same row. When budget cuts hit in 08 I tried USAirport- it was faster than parking at DIA and walking in! In fact, when the company laid us off in dozens, I like USAirport so much, I took a job there! - M.M. 7/17/2009

...used this lot for the first time in May 2009. I have only one thing to say. I WAS IMPRESSED! great service, great people, will use again. - F.Z. 7/6/2009

...if someone is coming (from) out of town to this airport, where would I pick them up? should I park at the usairport parking? - M/C/ 6/23/2009
Management's Response: Absolutely! You can park with US and ride our shuttle to DIA- and return with your visitors. That is a great way to save... enjoy their visit!

We used USAirport the first time in April. Pulled a ticket and hit the airport in about 5 minutes. We returned and got right on a shuttle and picked up our car, in about 5 minutes. Awesome. Never will walk around the airport parking lot again! - M/W/ 5/24/2009

So, don't take MY word for it, listen to these actual customers and give US a try. You'll be glad you did!

And feel free to post YOUR story on our feedback page. Thanks!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Off-Airport Parking is Awesome at DIA

Off-Airport Parking is Awesome at Denver International Airport. It generally costs less, provides more and better service than the airport lots themselves and truly give you great value for your travel dollar.

While it may SEEM like driving right to the airport is faster, that isn't always true. I have ridden on all the airport parking services surrounding DIA, including the airport lots as well as an on-property operator that pretends to be Off-Airport parking. Here's the deal- no matter what service you select, the time between entering the lot and arriving at curbside check-in is virtually the same! In fact, one of the longer times is from the airport itself: by the time you circle around, find a spot, and haul all your stuff to the curb (or wait at a shelter for a bus) you have wasted maybe 5-7 minutes.

So here's my pitch for USAirport Parking. We really ARE off-airport parking (NW corner of Pena & Tower) and we pick you up at your car and give you a locator slip to quickly find your car when you come home, drop you at curbside check-in and drivers help you with your bags. On the way back we pick you up out side baggage claim and drop you off at your car. If you happen to need a jump or tire inflation, we'll help you with that at no charge. We offer oil changes, Valet service, free newspapers and extreme- First Class Convenience when you travel OUT of DIA. Ans all this is at prices as much as 50% less than the airport itself. Wow- how do you beat that? Annual and Monthly parking as low as $4 per day, that's how!

But don't be fooled. One Denver lot has filed bankruptcy. Another is barely hanging on and although we hope not, may not make it to the end of 2010. Then there's those guys up at the airport who actually rent space from DIA and claim they are off-airport parking. To get there I had to drive to the airport and past the Welcome sign! Be sure you really know where you are going and what you are getting- and paying for. Some lots even charge up to a dollar MORE than the airport!

No matter when or where you go, USAirport Parking has you "covered"... and we are happy to serve your travel needs. See you soon!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Long Term Denver Airport Parking Solution

So, when I park at the airport for along trip, why can't I get a discount? After all, I only drive in once, and exit once yet they have my car held hostage for 7, 10, 15 days or more! Those of you who travel for extended periods of time know what I'm talking about.

Here's a simple solution: park off-airport and $AVE! Beside offering door-to-door pickup, lower rates and actually providing extreme Customer Service... off-airport lots often have long-term rates. These amount to discounts for exactly what I mentioned above: we don't pick you up, transport you and handle your luggage more than once each way, so we can offer a lower rate.

At USAirport Parking for DIA (DEN airport) we offer a pre-paid monthly rate. You pay on your way out for an entire month but here's the key: we only charge you for 16 days. You get unlimited ins and outs (great if you take several trips in the same 31 day period!) and pay about half the posted rate for Uncovered parking. Should there be a storm coming in, you can choose Covered parking at a higher price, but still at a discounted rate that comes in about the cost of parking on the open lot. Not bad, eh?

But wait, there's more! If you travel all the time, every week/month all year long, you can pay for a year. Then we only charge for 10 months of the discounted rate so you save even more. It's like paying $4/day* for open parking or $8 bucks a day* for covered. And get this, we offer VALET at NO CHARGE to our Annual Customers... that saves you another $4/day! Now THAT"S added value!

OK, you've probably tried the rest... now try the very BEST! USAirport Parking at DIA. We Want Your Car!

*- rates rounded for clarity

Monday, March 1, 2010

USAirport Parking Food Drive Still Underway!

USAirport Parking announces our Fifth Annual Food Drive to help support Food Bank of the Rockies.

Why donate food now?

Charities typically receive a flood of donations during the holiday season, but interest in charitable giving of all types typically wanes after the holidays. However, hunger is a year-round problem, and it's more helpful to the Food Bank to receive a steady flow of donations (Imagine the problems it would create in your home if you went grocery shopping once a year!). If you donate food now, you'll be helping Food Bank of the Rockies employees and over 1,000 volunteers to assist needy families in an effective manner.

Here's how it works:

Bring your donation (One can or ten boxes - whatever you have) of nonperishable food items to the USAirport Parking office when you enter the facility (need directions to USAirport? Click Here!). The office building is straight ahead from the entrance; it's the building attached to the exit lanes. Our office employees (the office is open 24/7/365) will provide you with a special one-day free uncovered parking coupon. After making your donation and receiving the coupon, proceed to the designated loading area (ask our office staff if you have questions), and the bus will take you to the airport. Upon your return from travel, present the coupon you receive to the cashier as you exit the facility to receive your one free day of uncovered parking.

Terms and conditions*:

We will offer one Food Drive Free Day Coupon (uncovered parking only) to customers who make a charitable donation of any quantity of nonperishable food items, now through February 28.. No more than one Food Drive Free Day will be given to any customer per visit and per donation. The Food Drive Free Days will not be combinable with each other or any other discount or coupon, and are only valid for uncovered parking. The expiration date on the Free Days is June 30, 2010. Customers do not need to use the Free Day coupon on their current trip, and do not need to park with us when they bring the food to receive the coupon that they can use on a future trip (if you don't need airport parking before February 28, but have Food you'd like to donate, you can stop by USAirport Parking and donate food, and receive a coupon for a future trip).

Thank you!

YOU, our customers, donated almost a TON of food during our 2009 Food drive. How much more can we do in 2010?

Thanks also to Food Bank of the Rockies for doing a great job of helping Colorado and Wyoming's needy families since 1978. Food Bank of the Rockies is a first-rate organization that does a great job of finding food and distributing it to needy families. I was really impressed with my tour of their warehouse - a level of organization and cleanliness that's awesome - you could eat off the warehouse floor! And, I really like what they are doing - taking food that would often be discarded (from households, restaurants, supermarkets, and commercial food wholesalers), and putting it to good use. Since they generally act as the "wholesaler" or warehouse for smaller charitable organizations that distribute food to individuals and families, they often don't get the visibility or credit they deserve. But, without their important work, the job wouldn't get done!

*All terms and conditions subject to change; one Free Day coupon issued per food donation (any amount of items donated receive one coupon), original Free Day coupon required to receive the discount- no copies accepted, further restrictions may apply, .