Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Plenty of parking available for Vacation travelers

Ah, vacation time! You may see some blogs reminding you to make airport parking reservations for the busy travel dates. DON'T WORRY- as the world's LARGEST off-airport parking lot, USAirport Parking will have plenty of space for you!

Thanksgiving and December holidays may be quite busy, but we have about 3,000 open spots right now and don't have enough reservations on the books to even cause a twitch!

Come on out, but first click into the website and get your coupon!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Travel Agent Program is back!

Attention Travel Agents within about 100 miles of DIA- Denver International Airport: The USAirport Parking Travel Agent program returns in 2010!

We know times have been tough on everyone related to the travel industry and we appreciate you hanging in there with us through good times and bad. Now, we want to reward you for all these years of referring customers to US by reviving our Travel Agent discount programs.

Emails went out today (if we had a valid agency email). Watch your mailbox (if we had no email or if it bounced back) in the next few weeks for the details of our new Travel Agent program... where you can enroll your agency on-line, receive discount coupons and free days for your customers and when your redemptions begin to come through- we'll issue you 50% Off swipe cards for all your employees to use when flying out of DIA. And if you can't wait- or don't see something from US in the next couple weeks (they will go out in waves to control the postage budget!), please visit our website where you can see all the details and enroll immediately.

We LOVE travel agents and want to have ALL of you parking on our lot. Here's to a GREAT 2010! Go DO it!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Vacation Flights this weekend?

Flying for Summer Vacation this weekend? It's only 9 AM on Friday and DIA's Pikes Peak lot is already FULL. Be sure you check a couple things before you go:
1. Is your flight on-time?
2. What is the Security Wait at DIA?
3. How do you get to USAirport Parking?

USAirport Parking has almost 3,000 open spaces and we will NOT fill up this weekend- so $SAVE Time & Money- just exit Pena Blvd @ Tower Rd and go NORTH a half mile to US! And now- we're the SAME PRICES AT PIKES PEAK-with BETTER SERVICE!

Meanwhile, click here to get a coupon or here to get directions from where ever you are starting your trip.

Your car deserves a vacation too, bring it USAirport Parking!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Airline Travel seems to be picking up

The economy is getting better. How can I tell? Airline travel is picking up, despite a 24% increase in airfares this summer over last.

At DIA- Denver International Airport- they FINALLY posted the April stats and they show a passenger increase of about 3.5% over April 2009. Year-to-date they show an increase of about 3.7%.

USAirport Parking has been busier as well! Our lots is taking on cars all week long and we are tracking with DIA- but OUR lot has not filled up like most of the DIA lots! Even Tuesday, DIA had Red FULL signs up at all but one lot at about 2:30PM.

How to avoid Red Full signs: exit Pena Blvd @ Tower Rd then go North to USAirport Parking. We have about 3000 open spots right now, and about 75 covered spaces. The weather doesn't predict HAIL this week but it's always best to be safe!

Check US out, you'll be glad you did.