Friday, April 30, 2010

Denver Airport lots are Filling Fast, so be prepared

DIA "economy" lots are full. Pikes Peak is filling fast. Exit at Tower Rd and go North to USAirport Parking. We have almost 3,000 spots open today, more than all the other off-airport lots have anyway! We have space for you...#USAP

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

United Airlines business travel deals? Absolutely

Are you flying on United for your next business trip? Good for you! Now, how do you make up for the fees and extra costs they are going to charge you? $ave on your airport parking!

Airports make you think they are the only place to park- at the "bargain rates" that they set. Off-airport parking is the best-kept secret in the travel business. You can $ave some serious cash by avoiding the airport lots and using folks like USAirport Parking in Denver.

Look for things like corporate discounts, frequent parker programs, coupons that are good on VALET as well as open & covered spaces. Be sure you don't PAY extra to join any programs- ours are always FREE to you!

Take minute and search the web for your local off-airport lots. They may not be as large as US, but they offer some great deals for business travelers! See you on YOUR next trip!

Monday, April 26, 2010

FlyDenver? OK, but go HERE for Parking!

Flying out of DENVER soon? I hope you were able to cash in BEFORE the airlines had those "fare sales" which didn't help ME out at all! In fact, I was waiting for the "fare sales" to END so I could book my Cali tickets. Seems like that's the curse of having family in Cali- the sales never apply! But hey, we'll talk about that another time. Summer's coming but so did the volcanoes!

Anyway, there's a cool site called that is actually the official DIA airport site. You can go there and see in near-real-time what parking lots are OPEN and more importantly, which lots are FULL or even Nearing Capacity.

Best part is, you don't have to drive ALL THE WAY to DIA on your next trip. When you see the "Economy" or "Pikes Peak" lots are FULL- simply exit Pena Blvd at TOWER ROAD, then go north to USAirport Parking. You will $ave money, and time... plus you will have a better experience as you start your trip.

Now, there is NO EXCUSE to drive all the way to DIA, only to see FULL signs lit up red, and have to back track out to Tower Road and find US that way. WE are here to HELP. Don't drive by- STOP by, and see for yourself. We rock- for YOU!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Bigger, Better, Faster, Cheaper Airport Parking

What is faster, better, bigger and cheaper than parking at the airport? You guessed it- off-airport parking!

Think about it: last time you flew out of DIA (DEN) you drove alllll the way up Pena Blvd to the parking entrance; you drove around the garage for 5-10 minutes looking for a spot (that you can remember when you return!); you dragged your luggage another 3-5 minutes to the terminal and found out you were on the wrong level for curbside check-in; you took the escalator up to level 6 and waited in a looooong line to check your bags before finally going to wait in the security lines. Wow- that took what, about 30 minutes? Even the airport's new website tells you to allow 30 minutes when using Pikes Peak!

Compare that experience to USAirport Parking: we are on Tower Road (10 minutes sooner than the airport); we guide you to a space; load your bags on the bus and drive you to curbside check-in; you wait maybe 2 minutes and voila- your are ready for the security line. Total time? About 17 minutes! Yikes, you just saved about 15 precious minutes that you can spend in the security line- or at Starbucks!

And what about your choices for off-airport parking? Well in Denver, you have 3 that are scattered about the area between I-70/32nd ave, 56th and Tower and 81 and Tower. (You also have an on-site choice buried in the rental car area). I have ridden on all 4 of these providers, and I have to honestly tell you that there is probably 2-3 minutes difference between them. The real issue is how long you wait on the lot until the shuttle bus heads to DIA, and what services you receive.

Being the largest lot with the most buses, USAirport tends to get you out the gate a little bit faster. And then, being right off Pena, we tend to get to DIA a little bit sooner (don't be fooled by the proximity of the car rental loop. All those stop lights and turn-a-rounds take a long time to navigate!)

But the key lies in which lot provides the service you like best: FREE newspapers, FREE tire inflation, FREE jump-starts, FREE Parking after 30-paid days (FREE to join!), corporate discounts, and EXTREME CUSTOMER SERVICE.

You've tried the slowest, park with US next time and see the difference!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FREE Parking- not just in Monopoly anymore!

No such thing as a free lunch... nothing in life is free... you've heard them all! Well, I'm here to tell you that Monopoly is not the only place you can get FREE Parking- with a USAiport Parking Frequent Parker Card, you earn FREE Parking with every day you stay near DIA!

Just like airline miles, you earn credit (a punch on your card) for every day you pay to park at USAirport Parking, even if you use a coupon or other discount. But here's the key- NO Blackout dates, No Expiration and we will NEVER send you a list of magazines that you can order to use up your credits! Just this past weekend we had several folks redeem their punch cards for FREE Parking, and the cards they had been using were nearly 10 years old! Now, that's value.

Do you have a punch card but forgot it on that last trip? No problem- just send in your receipt and the punch card, and we'll give your punches to you and send the card back. Or you can do it on your next trip as well. We've issued over 935,000 cards in 11 years, both new requests and replacements for full cards. Don;t worry, we have some cards for you, too! Sign up today...

Monday, April 19, 2010

$AVE on airport parking with Monthly & Annual rates

We know many folks who travel every week- sometimes twice in the same week- and they pay, and pay, and pay to park at the airport. A fair number of people around the country have vacation homes/property in the Colorado mountains, and keep renting and renting and... well, you get it. How can they save even MORE on airport parking?

Try USAirport Parking's Monthly or Annual prepaid parking service! With our monthly prepaid parking, you pay for about 16 days and get unlimited ins/outs for 31 days. That's almost HALF-OFF the regular Uncovered rate. You don't even want to know what it would cost to park like this at Denver Airport! Plus we can keep the keys for you so you don't have to worry about losing them.

Take that a step further, and stop renting cars during peak seasons at DIA when you come to ski or enjoy the summer mountains at your vacation property. You pre-pay for a year at $1500; again you get unlimited ins/outs, we'll handle the keys for you (and if you like, check them out to friends and family- or co-workers- who may be in CO to rent your property) and now you only pay for 10 months of the discounted rate above Your effective cost goes down to about $4 per day! Now taxes, no hidden or add-on fees- just a plain-talking, simple rate that you can count on for a year. That adds up to about 2 weekly rentals in ski season... and we are almost NEVER SOLD OUT. And both options are available for Covered parking at a slightly higher cost.

You want options? We got 'em! You want to save on airport parking? We help you! Aren't we awesome?! Just kidding- sort of!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Of-airport Parking $aves you $$

Business travelers deserve a break, don't you think? First security sucks, second the airlines treat you like luggage and third- air travel USED to be FUN! Now, the economy has taken even MORE fun out of business travel as companies world-wide are looking for ways to reduce expenses as a way to fight the economic downturns of the last year or so. Many have significantly reduced, or even canceled business travel in all but the most crucial circumstances. USAirport Parking recognizes the value of our loyal business travelers and we are almost a year into a new discount program that helps companies save on travel, especially important NOW while many businesses are sending out the sales force to meet with customers and prospects as they budget for 2010!

With a USAirport Parking Corporate Discount Card, our business travelers save 25% off current posted rates for Covered, Uncovered or Valet parking. A company simply signs up on-line and receives log-on information that allows an admin to request discount SWIPE cards for all their employees, or to email the credentials to all the employees to request their owns cards (perfect for larger businesses!). The employee shows the card at exit and the cashiers swipes it to enable the 25% discount. We'll even send along a Frequent Parker punch card to allow your travelers to earn FREE PARKING with every visit!

We will occasionally email members with new services or special discounts, but we NEVER sell our lists or allow third-parties to email our members.

So, sign up YOUR company today; you'll receive cards in the mail within a week, and specials via email a few times a year. We promise not to overload your in box!

And feel free to allow ALL your employees to sign up, even if they only travel with their families for holidays and vacations- we want ALL your cars on out LOT!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lost your locator slip? No problem!

Have you ever parked at the airport and lost the "locator slip" that explains where your car is parked while you were traveling? It happens much more often than you would imagine! Well, I know some lots (especially the airport itself) don't issue them, but at USAirport Parking we ALWAYS give you a slip to locate your car upon return.

So today, I get an email from a gal who is in Canada and washed her locator slip accidentally. She wanted to know if we could tell her where the car is parked to save time when she returns next Tuesday. Sure Can- and did! She gave me the date and time she arrived on the lot and I was able to look up on the loading schedule where we were picking up customers that morning, and voila! I had her location in about 2 minutes. I even drove out there to be sure and then emailed her location back to her. You can imagine the time that will save over driving past 3500 cars next week to look for her "black BMW"... I'll bet we have 2 dozen of those!

That's just one example of our commitment to Extreme Customer Service. Experience it for yourself at USAirport Parking!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Too many dollars and not enough sense

Did you ever notice that a LOT of people drive right to the airport, pay their outrageous pricing without discounts or coupons, and miss out on great service and money saving options? Why is that? Let's explore... in our case Denver (DIA).

It is very easy in most cases to drive right to the airport- there are signs all over town, on the highways, on the freeways, even on the tollways! In Denver the airport controls the access roads and does not allow off-airport parking to have signs, billboards or other reminders/locators to help our customers find US. The airport likes being a government agency when THEY get the benefit! Nice gig, huh?! I know that it is very much the same in most other towns, too.

Common Fallacy: it is faster to drive right to the airport. NOT! BY the time you actually drive 5-7 miles further to DIA parking, drive around looking for a space (notice that 3 out of 4 levels in the garage seem to be stuck on FULL) then walk to the terminal building and actually get to the check-in line it can take 20 minutes or more, and that's on a clear, dry day.

BETTER ALTERNATIVE: Exit Pena Blvd early- at Tower Rd- and save time- and money. Using our Off-airport lot we can get you to curbside check-in with time to spare; usually 15 minutes or less. Plus we'll guide you to an open space, help with your luggage (bags ride FREE on USAirport Shuttles!) and give you a locator slip that shows where you left your car for a speedy return. Reverse that on your return and you get the idea- great service, great price. ANd if you need a jump-start or tire inflation... those are FREE as well!

So, why do people drive all the way to DIA, and by-pass the off-airport savings? I guess they just have too many dollars- and not enough sense! Go figure...

Monday, April 5, 2010

How'd we do for you?

Thanks to everyone who parked at USAirport Parking over the Spring Break! We had a very nice turnout and appreciate your staying with US!

You are our bread & butter and we are always glad to have you on the lot. Please take a moment to visit our website and give your feedback, good or not-so-good, so that we can continue to improve on our first-class service- even during a peak travel season! Without your comments and feedback we have a difficult time making corrections and introducing new services.

So again, I want to take the time to thank you and invite you back for your next business trip... or your Summer Vacations in March.We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Business Travel is still reasonable

With awesome corporate discounts!

Your local airport offers no coupons, no discounts and certainly no corporate programs but check with your Off-Airport lots... we almost ALL offer some great deals. For Example, look at USAirport Parking near DIA in Denver.

Our lot offers a corporate discount program saving you 25% on each stay, allows you to earn FREE parking with our punch card program, and in you don't like those- we have on-line coupons right on our website.

Some of us remember when air travel USED to be FUN... and in those days you didn't have to get dressed AGAIN at your airport... and "Brenda" never took your soda pop!

Give US a try on your next trip out of Denver- you'll be glad you did- and I KNOW we will too!