Friday, September 25, 2009

Lost your locator slip?

Have you ever parked at the airport and lost the "locator slip" that explains where your car is parked while you were traveling? It happens much more often than you would imagine! Well, I know some lots (especiall ythe airport itself) don't issue them, but at USAirport Parking we ALWAYS give you a slip to locate your car upon return.

So today, I get an email from a gal who is in Canada and washed her locator slip accidentally. She wanted to know if we could tell her where the car is parked to save time when she returns next Tuesday. Sure Can- and did! She gave me the date and time she arrived on the lot and I was able to look up on the loading schedule where we were picking up customers that morning, and voila! I had her location in about 2 minutes. I even drove out there to be sure and then emailed her location back to her. You can imagine the time that will save over driving past 3500 cars next week to look for her "black BMW"... I'll bet we have 2 dozen of those!

That's just one example of our commitment to Extreme Customer Service. Experience it for yourself at USAirport Parking!

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