Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Local News doing a crap job

by just stating the PROBLEM yet giving absolutely NO SOLUTION. OK, so we know now that the DIA Airport Parking lots are full but what the HE## are we supposed to do about it?!

Here's your solution- plain and simple: off-airport parking lots. There are 3 near DIA and the largest in the WORLD has about 3,000 open spots right now and 700 of them are covered spaces! All can be VALET and all offer EXTREME CUSTOMER SERVICE. And all of them are much closer and faster than Mt Elbert (which is nearly in Kansas!).

And HEY, if you are worried, make a FREE RESERVATION on-line right here and you won't get turned away.

Next time (December travel?) don';t listen to or watch the news... just go here when you are printing your boarding passes! You'll be glad you did...

1 comment:

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