Monday, December 14, 2009

Valet Parking in Colorado

Last time you traveled back home to Denver International Airport in what we call "winter," I'll bet you were welcomed to a cold car, cold seat and most-likely some ice/snow on your windows. What can you do? Well, there's covered parking, but maybe a better solution exists.

Valet Parking is a great good solution to the cold problem. When you arrive at DIA and board the parking shuttle bus, the driver will call your Valet ticket number in via radio and your car will be ready, waiting, warmed-up and brushed/scraped when you arrive back at the parking lot. No more cold seats, no more scraping your windows or waiting to warm-up the oil... we have already done that for you! Now, that's a solution!

But wait, you say the airport lot won't do that, or the airport valet costs too much? Well that's where off-airport parking comes in. Lots that are not paying rent to the city/airport offer lower rates, higher service and more options because we CAN. What does that mean to you? Better service, reasonable rates, valet, oil changes, and more.

Check out our website to see the "gold standard" for off-airport parking at Denver International Airport (DIA). Then compare to the rest, and try the best. And those dozens of you are already hooked on Valet, post a comment and tell us what you think!

Remember- Valet is worth a little more, especially on a cold morning arrival!

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