Friday, February 26, 2010

Priceline Travelers $AVE on Denver AIrport Parking

Priceline... it's great huh? I love William Shatner and his odd karate moves! Gone are the days when you entered your info and got a flight that was at 3AM or to an airport on the wrong side of the SF bay. In fact, a few weeks ago I had to fly to Cali for a nephew's wedding and when I went into SWA, Frontier and UAL they had all gone up to over $225 R/T. But when I went into Priceline, I was able to get the $169 price just before the fees went up- again. Sweet!

But here's something you may NOT know... it doesn't matter how or where you book your flights, OFF-AIRPORT PARKING will $AVE you money on your next trip! Flying OUT of Denver? WE want YOUR CAR on our lot... USAirport Parking lot, that it.

Here are the benefits to YOU: 1) exit Pena Blvd at Tower Rd, about 4 miles earlier than the DIA concourse, and end the "Pain on Pena" early; 2) You will be directed to an open space and be picked up right at your car... and given a locator slip to easily find you car upon return; 3) when you return you will be dropped off right at your car, not at a bus stop 3 rows and 20 spaces away!; 4) we have coupons, swipe card discounts and reasonable prices even if you forget your coupons; 5) FREE PARKING is earned with every paid day when you join our FREE Frequent Parker Program. Well, that certainly is enough to convince any reasonable person... But wait- we also provide 6) FREE jump-starts; 7) FREE tire inflation and 8) FREE Newspapers!

That is one heckuva Top 8 list (see the Top TEN on our home page)!

You've tried the rest, and even the airport itself- now try the BEST! We'll be GLAD to have you with US!

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