Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Vacation Almost Over- let's get down to Business

OK Colorado, "Summer Vacation" is almost over; kids are heading back to school already; so let's get down to business; or as Gary would say, "Grab your bag- it's on"!

Second Quarter is over and there are just 2 months until Fall Break, so book your business flight- while Southwest has some fare sales (just got a DING! this morning). And remember, save on your airport parking too. Click over to USAirport Parking and check out the discounts and options we have for business travelers.

Be sure you sign up your company to get corporate discount cards before you go and $AVE 25% on your parking at DIA. We'll also give you a punch card to earn FREE PARKING along the way... just 30 days of paid parking yields $45 in FREE PARKING for your next family trip.

And remember- your bags ride FREE on USAirport Parking shuttles!

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