Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is your airport parking lot GREEN, YELLOW or Red, White & Blue?

Is your Airport Parking lot GREEN?- and who cares? As long as you get a spot, pay a reasonable amount, get a coupon or discount and make your flight with time to spare?! Want a banana? Go to King Soopers! Free wireless internet? I'd rather get to the airport and hook-up there! Want a canopy? We already have a green roof...

Is your airport parking lot YELLOW (with or without spots)? Yellow means "caution" to me- like in a NASCAR race or at a traffic light.

Well, I like RED, WHITE & BLUE- how about you? It says American, it says local, it says Mom, Hot Dogs, Apple Pie, and whether or not you have a Chevy- we'll take ANY car (even those German cars that the rabbits like to eat!).

Yellow, Green, Black- I'll take RED, WHITE & BLUE any day! Hope you do too!

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