Monday, April 11, 2011

Buy Colorado -Always!

Colorado companies are struggling as our economy begins to improve, but we need your help!

When you are shopping or looking for services- shop your locally-owned and Colorado-based companies, to keep your dollars in our economy, and not in another state or even another country. But how can you know?

Colorado companies generally promote their ownership on websites, in advertising and even on websites. Oh, and in Blogs, too! And when it comes to travel, you have the same choices:
United? Chicago headquarters. Southwest? Dallas... but Frontier? USED to be Colorado, now it's Indiana!

And when you are parking your car before you fly out of Denver, it's the same story. Only ONE major off-airport parking lot is based in Colorado - USAirport Parking. And we've been the airport parking leader since 1998. Other lots are based in Atlanta, Dallas, Connecticut- and yes, the investors are from Canada. Now, we love our neighbors up north, but REALLY?! Keep you money here in dollars, not up north in LOONS!

It just makes good sense to support Colorado business, whether it's the pizza guy on the corner, the new natural natural food grocery chain or your airport parking lots. We are making things better for all of us!

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