Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Too many dollars and not enough sense

Did you ever notice that a LOT of people drive right to the airport, pay their outrageous pricing without discounts or coupons, and miss out on great service and money saving options? Why is that? Let's explore... in our case Denver (DIA).

It is very easy in most cases to drive right to the airport- there are signs all over town, on the highways, on the freeways, even on the tollways! In Denver the airport controls the access roads and does not allow off-airport parking to have signs, billboards or other reminders/locators to help our customers find US. The airport likes being a government agency when THEY get the benefit! Nice gig, huh?! I know that it is very much the same in most other towns, too.

Common Fallacy: it is faster to drive right to the airport. NOT! BY the time you actually drive 5-7 miles further to DIA parking, drive around looking for a space (notice that 3 out of 4 levels in the garage seem to be stuck on FULL) then walk to the terminal building and actually get to the check-in line it can take 20 minutes or more, and that's on a clear, dry day.

BETTER ALTERNATIVE: Exit Pena Blvd early- at Tower Rd- and save time- and money. Using our Off-airport lot we can get you to curbside check-in with time to spare; usually 15 minutes or less. Plus we'll guide you to an open space, help with your luggage (bags ride FREE on USAirport Shuttles!) and give you a locator slip that shows where you left your car for a speedy return. Reverse that on your return and you get the idea- great service, great price. ANd if you need a jump-start or tire inflation... those are FREE as well!

So, why do people drive all the way to DIA, and by-pass the off-airport savings? I guess they just have too many dollars- and not enough sense! Go figure...

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