Monday, April 26, 2010

FlyDenver? OK, but go HERE for Parking!

Flying out of DENVER soon? I hope you were able to cash in BEFORE the airlines had those "fare sales" which didn't help ME out at all! In fact, I was waiting for the "fare sales" to END so I could book my Cali tickets. Seems like that's the curse of having family in Cali- the sales never apply! But hey, we'll talk about that another time. Summer's coming but so did the volcanoes!

Anyway, there's a cool site called that is actually the official DIA airport site. You can go there and see in near-real-time what parking lots are OPEN and more importantly, which lots are FULL or even Nearing Capacity.

Best part is, you don't have to drive ALL THE WAY to DIA on your next trip. When you see the "Economy" or "Pikes Peak" lots are FULL- simply exit Pena Blvd at TOWER ROAD, then go north to USAirport Parking. You will $ave money, and time... plus you will have a better experience as you start your trip.

Now, there is NO EXCUSE to drive all the way to DIA, only to see FULL signs lit up red, and have to back track out to Tower Road and find US that way. WE are here to HELP. Don't drive by- STOP by, and see for yourself. We rock- for YOU!

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