Monday, March 28, 2011

Holy Snow Day Batman!

The weather dudes got us again! But then in Colorado, "foggy and a few flakes" usually means an inch of wet, sloppy drive-time in the morning... No worries, it looks like we are getting it again - Tuesday.

This is a great time for Covered Parking on your trip to DIA, as you fly out for Business or Spring Break. Covered Parking keeps your car out of the sun, out of the ice and snow and if we get hail- well, you get the idea.

And Off-Airport Parking lots give you the best rates on Covered Parking. While the airport charges $18 every day you stay, off-airport lots, like USAirport Parking, charge a fraction of that- only $14/day. Plus we offer discount and coupons- online.

Check it out, and $AVE time and money on your next flight out of Denver.

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