Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring has SPRUNG at DIA!

Flying out for Spring Break?

Flying out this week for a nice Spring Break? Nice!

Well, here's the deal: DIA's are filling fast. And by the time YOU get there- who knows?

Don't waste a minute of your time driving into the airport only to see FULL signs everywhere. Exit at TOWER ROAD and go North to 81st avenue, look for the RED,WHITE & BLUE signs and turn WEST into USAirport PARKING. We'll direct you to one of our 4,000 open spaces, or into the Covered section if you prefer. We'll pick you up at your car and drop you off at curbside check-in for your airline... and it all takes about as much time as driving into DIA, circling around and carrying your bags to the door!

Running late already? Try Express VALET- our fastest way to DIA! We park your car, YOU get on the next bus out to DIA and we'll drop you off FIRST upon your return. It's just a little more PER STAY, not a daily super-charge like OTHER lots charge.

And get this- not only do we offer discounts and coupons to help you $AVE, we also honor other lots' coupons (up to $3 off per day).

USAirport PARKING- DIA's LOCAL parking leader since 1998... we WANT your business!

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