Monday, January 25, 2010

Travel Agents- We Want You BACK!

Attention Travel Agents within about 100 miles of DIA- Denver International Airport: The USAirport Parking Travel Agent program returns in 2010!

We know times have been tough on everyone related to the travel industry and we appreciate you hanging in there with us through good times and bad. Now, we want to reward you for all these years of referring customers to US by reviving our Travel Agent discount programs.

Emails went out January 8th and snail mail went out last week with details of our new Travel Agent program... where you can enroll your agency on-line, receive discount coupons and free days for your customers and when your redemptions begin to come through- we'll issue you 50% Off swipe cards for all your employees to use when flying out of DIA. And if you can't wait- or don't see something from US in the next couple weeks (they will go out in waves to control the postage budget!), please visit our website where you can see all the details and enroll immediately.

We LOVE travel agents and want to have ALL of you parking on our lot. Here's to a GREAT 2010! Go DO it!

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