Friday, January 29, 2010

USAirport Parking is NOT going bankrupt!

USAirport Parking for DIA is your local American-owned, and locally operated airport parking lot. We are not filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection; we are not being sold; and we have no foreign ownership.

There is no connection between US and the company in the news this week. Wouldn't it be sad and misleading if a company with USA in the name was foreign owned?!

USAirport Parking IS the world's largest off-airport parking lot, and we do it all for you on the northwest corner of Pena Blvd and Tower Rd. We have one lot at one airport and work hard to provide the extreme service that our customers expect.

So, we are here to stay, not going anywhere and are not erasing debt in court-that is another "U.S. Company" owned overseas with lots around the country. Thanks to you, our loyal customers for making it possible!
We are GLAD to have you with US!

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  1. Thanks soo much for visiting my blog,

    ! I live in Raleigh... but was at Denver Airport 2 weeks ago for a Girls' Weekend... we rented a car, though! Don't be offended I didn't stay with you ;-). I didn't know about your company until today, anyway...

    Ugh, I feel bad that for some reason your company is being associated with one that went bankrupt. That would make me nutty!

    Your blog is fabulous! Keep up the great work!