Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter Weather: BRRRFECT for Valet

Winter Weather is upon US in Colorado- and that is the BRRRFECT time for Valet Parking at the airport.

Think about it- you arrive from your trip in Florida to weather that is peaking today in the teens (and was as low as -17 overnight!) and when you get back to your car it is frozen-over from snow and ice. Oh no- you forgot to put your scraper/brush back in the car when you cleaned out the car last month. What are you going to do?

Option One: Pry open your frozen door and start the car... then sit there for about 20 to 30 minutes until you have a peep-hole that is safe-enough to see out of. Man, I HATE Colorado Winters...

Option Two: Boy, am I glad I parked in VALET. My bus driver radioed my Valet number to the lot and when I got to my car it was brushed, scraped clean and started and it is nice and warm inside. I LOVE Colorado Winter!

Better still, Option Two costs only a few dollars more than uncovered parking, and at USAirport Parking for DIA, that is still LE$$ than the rate in the airport garage! PLUS you get First Class Service at a rate that your company doesn't mind reimbursing for business travel (and if you sign up your company for the Corporate Discount Program you $ave 25%).

Go for it- give VALET a try and I am SURE you'll be hooked all winter. Then, we can talk about hail storms when Spring arrives in Colorado!

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