Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Colorado's Spring Weather: BRRRFECT for Valet

Spring Weather is upon US in Colorado- and that is the BRRRFECT time for Valet Parking at the airport.

Think about it- you arrive from your trip in Florida or Cali, to weather that is peaking today in the thirties (with freezing temp o'nite!) and when you get back to your car it is frozen-over from snow and ice. Oh no- you forgot to put your scraper/brush back in the car when you cleaned out the car last month. What are you going to do?

Option One: Pry open your frozen door and start the car... then sit there for about 20 to 30 minutes until you have a peep-hole that is safe-enough to see out of. Man, I HATE Colorado Spring...

Option Two: Boy, am I glad I parked in VALET. My bus driver radioed my Valet number to the lot and when I got to my car it was brushed, scraped clean and started and it is nice and warm inside. I LOVE Colorado Spring!

Better still, Option Two costs only a few dollars more than uncovered parking, and at USAirport Parking for DIA, that is still LE$$ than the rate in the airport garage! PLUS you get First Class Service at a rate that your company doesn't mind reimbursing for business travel (and if you sign up your company for the Corporate Discount Program you $ave 25%).

Go for it- give VALET a try and I am SURE you'll be hooked all season. Then, we can talk about hail storms when Spring REALLY arrives in Colorado!

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