Wednesday, May 26, 2010

You want to go where evrybody knows your name

I've been living and working around Denver for nearly 15 years, and across the 6 different jobs I've had here I know a lot of people who travel- all the time. It is awesome to hear what people tell me about USAirport Parking for DIA.

The most telling thing I hear is that when they come back from a trip the drivers KNOW who they are, greet them appropriately and KNOW their car... hard to believe, I know! But many of these drivers have been working here for the entire time the lot has been pen- and they KNOW their customers.

So I was thinking this morning that it's sort of like Cheers... when Norm enters the bar everyone yells "NORM!", except that idiot Woody who always says. "How you doin' Mr. Peterson?" It's a little like that at USAirport Parking. And even more-so with the annual and monthly parkers who leave their keys in the office while they are on-the-road. The office staff actually KNOWS these people by name and car- and when they hear on the radios that one of them is coming to the office, they pull the file, have their keys ready and and a smile for them.

Now, next time you are flying out of Denver and DIA, check it out and see what I am talking about- you WILL be amazed!

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