Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Even MORE Construction at an airport? No Way!

Construction at DIA? Now way, it's too new! But wait- it IS an airport, and I have rarely seen an airport that was NOT under SOME type of construction! And DIA is no exception anymore... especially with the new Light Rail project kicked-off and all those ramp projects!

Look at the projects:
*Tower Road to Pena Blvd East- temporary ramp with old ramp being rebuilt
*Parking entrance ramps- both sides- bridge widening, resurfacing
*"Art" project between Tower Rd and 56th avenue
* Light Rail officially launched last week

What does all this mean? DELAYS for you and me.

Exit Pena Blvd at Tower Road, then go North to USAirport Parking. Our free shuttles run every 5-7 minutes. We pick you up at your car, drop you of at curbside check-in. Drivers even help with your bags if you like!

So, don;t let a little construction freak you out- park with US and relax, WE will navigate the barrels and cones FOR you!

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