Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Isn't airport parking a pain in the you-know-what?

Airport Parking has to be one of the most painful experiences---well, maybe second only to a colonoscopy!

I drive all the way to the airport (of course, there are no signs to direct me to any parking NOT at the airport!) and see 4 big red FULL signs before I even get off the access road. And then when I do get to the shuttle lot- the darned thing is closed (what's up with that?!) and I have to then drive another 10-15 minutes to get to ANOTHER shuttle lot that's almost in Kansas.

Now, after all that, I get to the airport about 25-30 minutes late and they won't check my bag because I'm too late. UGH! I want to SCREEEEEEEEAM!

Well, here's a BETTER option:

Exit Pena Blvd at Tower Road and go north about 1/4 mile to USAirport Parking. Allow about 10 extra minutes and we'll direct you to an open spot, give you a locator slip so the driver can find your car upon returning, and load your luggage on the bus. We'll drop you of at curbside check-in for your airline and you are on the way to security. (Be SURE you check-in on-line and print your boarding pass. You save a lot of time, don't wait at the counter and if your airline charges for bags, you often will get a discount for checking your bags on-line too!).

When you arrive home we pick you up at baggage claim (Island 3!) and drop you off at your car and place your bags in the trunk if you wish. You won't be wandering around a lot looking for your car after being dropped at a bus stop (very convenient for the airport shuttle drivers, not so much for you, the passenger!). And when you exit the lot you will see the rates are less that the airport garage or their "economy" lot. And with a coupon or discount card your rates are less that airport shuttle parking as well!

So, see the difference? It doesn't take a PhD to understand why off-airport parking $AVES you time and money. Give it a try- in fact, here's a coupon for your next stay!

We are NOT the government, even if we WANT to be- and have to survive as an independent Colorado business, while enduring competition from the very government agency we attempt to serve. I know it doesn't seem fair, but your patronage helps us stay in business. We appreciate it!

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