Monday, September 27, 2010

Remember when air travel was FUN?!

We do- and are offering some awesome corporate discounts!

Your local airport offers no coupons, no discounts and certainly no corporate programs but check with your Off-Airport lots... we almost ALL offer some great deals. For Example, look at USAirport Parking near DIA in Denver.

Our lot offers a corporate discount program saving you 25% on each stay, allows you to earn FREE parking with our punch card program, and in you don't like those- we have on-line coupons right on our website.

Some of us remember when air travel USED to be FUN... and in those days you didn't have to get dressed AGAIN at your airport... and "Brenda" never took your soda pop!

Give US a try on your next trip out of Denver- you'll be glad you did- and I KNOW we will too!

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