Friday, October 1, 2010

4th Quarter is HERE! Go Get 'em Folks!

Yikes, 4th Quarter already?

Business travelers are busy booking trips to meet long-distance clients, propose 2011 budget items and close some last-minute 2010 deals. Go Get 'Em Folks!

Families in Colorado are busy planning college visit trips and Fall Break vacations. Kudos to you!

And while you are making those plans, be sure to $AVE a little on your trips by parking Off-Airport. You'll $AVE money & time- because rates are lower and there is actually some SERVICE as opposed to government/city run lots:
1. less costly
2. better value
3. fast shuttles
4. friendly service
5. rewards and perks
6. discount programs
7. free reservations
8. oil change services
9. many, many more!

Not convinced? Check out USAirport Parking for a great example of how GOOD off-airpot parking can be... I'll even point you to a money-$aving coupon for your next trip out of Denver's DIA.

Have great end-of-the-year 4th Quarter, and enjoy your family trips!

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