Friday, October 22, 2010

Easy Access to USAirport Parking just got easier!

For those of us at USAirport Parking for DIA, It's been 12 great years serving thousands of customers every day. Yet the one issue I hear every month is "When are you getting a stoplight at 81st & Tower? It's so hard to get out on the road." You asked, we listened and NOW the city has made your dreams come true: a shiny new traffic light is installed and working (I know, hard to believe it works, right?!) at 81st ave & Tower Rd!

This morning I came in from the South, stopped in the left turn lane and about 10 seconds later I had a Green Arrow- that's the fastest I have EVER been able to turn onto 81st ave! And just a heads' up: there is no longer a merge lane as you turn North onto 81st ave- but with the light, it is no longer necessary...

So next time you are going to DIA, exit at Tower Rd and experience the new light... if you LIKE IT, then we are glad we came through for you. But if you don't like it, you can blame Canopy Airport Parking (formerly GreenPark DIA) because THEY had to pay for it!

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