Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How GREEN is your parking lot?

And who the heck cares? Well, WE do!

Much has been written and posted lately about a new "green" parking lot coming to the Denver airport area. But really now, how green is YOUR parking lot, anyway? Give US a try.

USAirport Parking has owned the Red White & Blue motif for over 12 years, and in the last few we have worked hard to be as "green" as we can. We recycle all but the stinkiest trash; we use sand and not chemicals on our ice & snow and reclaim it for future use; we clean our buses with water, not soap; our buses run on clean diesel (I know- an oxymoron- right?) to save on fuel and reduce airborne emissions and last longer before they need to be replaced; we planted trees all along our fence-line and inside the spaces as well; our lighting features low-power energy-efficient lamps with induction lighting test going on right now; we've found a recycling program for fluorescent lights... the list goes on and on. Things we haven't done are merely expensive and serve only to increase your prices at the parking lot!

And here's a big one- when we park 14 cars and shuttle those folks to and from DIA, that reduces their trip by over 16 miles, saving them fuel, money and emissions from their own cars. And they can get off Pena sooner and accumulate less mag-chloride that the city sprays on the road (even when the temp is 40+!).

A famous frog said "it's not easy being green" and you know what? He was right!

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