Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Off-Airport Parking is Awesome at DIA

Off-Airport Parking is Awesome at Denver International Airport. It generally costs less, provides more and better service than the airport lots themselves and truly give you great value for your travel dollar.

While it may SEEM like driving right to the airport is faster, that isn't always true. I have ridden on all the airport parking services surrounding DIA, including the airport lots as well as an on-property operator that pretends to be Off-Airport parking. Here's the deal- no matter what service you select, the time between entering the lot and arriving at curbside check-in is virtually the same! In fact, one of the longer times is from the airport itself: by the time you circle around, find a spot, and haul all your stuff to the curb (or wait at a shelter for a bus) you have wasted maybe 5-7 minutes.

So here's my pitch for USAirport Parking. We really ARE off-airport parking (NW corner of Pena & Tower) and we pick you up at your car and give you a locator slip to quickly find your car when you come home, drop you at curbside check-in and drivers help you with your bags. On the way back we pick you up out side baggage claim and drop you off at your car. If you happen to need a jump or tire inflation, we'll help you with that at no charge. We offer oil changes, Valet service, free newspapers and extreme- First Class Convenience when you travel OUT of DIA. Ans all this is at prices as much as 50% less than the airport itself. Wow- how do you beat that? Annual and Monthly parking as low as $4 per day, that's how!

But don't be fooled. One Denver lot has filed bankruptcy. Another is barely hanging on and although we hope not, may not make it to the end of 2010. Then there's those guys up at the airport who actually rent space from DIA and claim they are off-airport parking. To get there I had to drive to the airport and past the Welcome sign! Be sure you really know where you are going and what you are getting- and paying for. Some lots even charge up to a dollar MORE than the airport!

No matter when or where you go, USAirport Parking has you "covered"... and we are happy to serve your travel needs. See you soon!

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