Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring in the Rockies

You GOTTA love Spring in the Rockies! Lightning & Thunder becomes Hail, turns to RAIN, turns to a foot of snow all in about an hour and a half! And this is the HEAVY, WET stuff that'll be fun for the kids to shovel as thy enjoy a snow-day off of school.

Now, how about travel? Well DIA airport is OPEN with a couple runways, so head on out! And the airport parking garages are FULL, the "economy lots" are FULL and Valet is FULL as well.

BUT at USAirport Parking we have 3,000 open spots (well, some are full of snow!) including Covered and Valet. Our bUses are running about every 5-7 minutes and the airport roads are cleared so we wil lget you to curbside check-in fast and on-time.

We'd love to help you out today... and if your highway exits are closed, just call and we will talk you in!


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