Friday, March 12, 2010

Don't take MY word for it

At USAirport Parking WE think we are the BEST around. What do our customers say?

We parked for 4 days and when we went to pickup our car the night of 10/13 the battery was dead because we had left the interior dome light on. We were really bummed but called the parking lot number and a very nice lady came right out and jumped our car and we were on the road in 10 minutes. Great service!! - M. W. 10/26/2009

I moved to US Airport Parking from WallyPark at DIA for a few reasons. 1) Your parking is organized, there is always a shuttle waiting for me when I park and when it s pick up time from the terminal. 2) Your drivers speak fluent English... - J. T. 10/2/2009

Amazing. While in Canada, I washed my parking locator slip. USAirport Parking found my car and emailed me the information. I can t thank them enough. I will always park here. - C.W. 9/25/2009

I have tried many of the parking facilities in the DIA area and have found yours to be the best. I will continue to use you. - C.M. 9/25/2009

Since 2006 I was in the air every week and drove right to the airport garage- top level, same row. When budget cuts hit in 08 I tried USAirport- it was faster than parking at DIA and walking in! In fact, when the company laid us off in dozens, I like USAirport so much, I took a job there! - M.M. 7/17/2009

...used this lot for the first time in May 2009. I have only one thing to say. I WAS IMPRESSED! great service, great people, will use again. - F.Z. 7/6/2009

...if someone is coming (from) out of town to this airport, where would I pick them up? should I park at the usairport parking? - M/C/ 6/23/2009
Management's Response: Absolutely! You can park with US and ride our shuttle to DIA- and return with your visitors. That is a great way to save... enjoy their visit!

We used USAirport the first time in April. Pulled a ticket and hit the airport in about 5 minutes. We returned and got right on a shuttle and picked up our car, in about 5 minutes. Awesome. Never will walk around the airport parking lot again! - M/W/ 5/24/2009

So, don't take MY word for it, listen to these actual customers and give US a try. You'll be glad you did!

And feel free to post YOUR story on our feedback page. Thanks!

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