Wednesday, March 17, 2010

United Airlines business travel deals

Are you flying on United for your next business trip? Good for you! Now, how do you make up for the fees and extra costs they are going to charge you? $ave on your airport parking!

Airports make you think they are the only place to park- at the "bargain rates" that they set. Off-airport parking is the best-kept secret in the travel business. You can $ave some serious cash by avoiding the airport lots and using folks like USAirport Parking in Denver.

Look for things like corporate discounts, frequent parker programs, coupons that are good on VALET as well as open & covered spaces. Be sure you don't PAY extra to join any programs- ours are always FREE to you!

Take minute and search the web for your local off-airport lots. They may not be as large as US, but they offer some great deals for business travelers! See you on YOUR next trip!

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