Friday, June 18, 2010

Vacation Flights this weekend?

Flying for Summer Vacation this weekend? It's only 9 AM on Friday and DIA's Pikes Peak lot is already FULL. Be sure you check a couple things before you go:
1. Is your flight on-time?
2. What is the Security Wait at DIA?
3. How do you get to USAirport Parking?

USAirport Parking has almost 3,000 open spaces and we will NOT fill up this weekend- so $SAVE Time & Money- just exit Pena Blvd @ Tower Rd and go NORTH a half mile to US! And now- we're the SAME PRICES AT PIKES PEAK-with BETTER SERVICE!

Meanwhile, click here to get a coupon or here to get directions from where ever you are starting your trip.

Your car deserves a vacation too, bring it USAirport Parking!

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