Wednesday, June 9, 2010

DIA construction makes parking a hassle

I drove around Denver Airport this morning and couldn't believe my eyes- orange barrels everywhere! Not only are the parking garages FULL right now, the ramps have lane closures, people working on the shoulders and COPS WITH RADAR everywhere- bastards!

So, is this a travel improvement program- or is it a REVENUE improvement project? I guess the case can be made for BOTH- but rest assured that it will absolutely increase radar revenue before it increases traveler convenience and satisfaction!

Here's your solution:
Exit Pena Blvd at Tower Road, then go NORTH top USAirport Parking. We have 8,000 spaces so we will NOT BE FULL and best of all- NO CONSTRUCTION!

$AVE time AND money at USAirport Parking... we WANT your parking business and the only "ticket" you get will be the one you pull at the gate to let you IN!

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