Friday, June 11, 2010

Denver Airport Parking Tips

Ever noticed that by the time you drive ALL THE WAY out to DIA, the parking lot signs say FULL much of the time? Well, it IS Summer and travel is coming back!

Then you must drive around and around the garage to find an open spot to park in, and walk into the terminal fighting your luggage all they way. Often takes about 15 precious minutes of your time! Today is no exception!

Here's an idea: get off Pena Blvd at Tower Rd and go NORTH to the first turn and USAirport Parking. We have 8,000 spots (about 4,000 open today!) including Covered and Valet parking. Our crew will direct you to an open spot right where the shuttle bus is picking up. The drivers help with luggage and then drop you off right at curbside check-in. It takes as little as 7 minutes! Wow, could it be any easier?

Best off all, when you come home, you get all the same treatment in reverse- dropping you off right at your car! It doesn't get much better than that! And if your battery is dead or tires are low, our crew will fix you up at no extra charge. Try getting THAT at DIA!

So, don't beg friends and family to drive you to DIA. After all it could cost your friendship- or your marriage- after they spend a couple hours each way! Hit the website and print off a coupon, join the Frequent Parker Club or our Corporate Discount Program (if you qualify) and skip all the Pain on Pena... because We ROCK!

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