Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Airline Travel seems to be picking up

The economy is getting better. How can I tell? Airline travel is picking up, despite a 24% increase in airfares this summer over last.

At DIA- Denver International Airport- they FINALLY posted the April stats and they show a passenger increase of about 3.5% over April 2009. Year-to-date they show an increase of about 3.7%.

USAirport Parking has been busier as well! Our lots is taking on cars all week long and we are tracking with DIA- but OUR lot has not filled up like most of the DIA lots! Even Tuesday, DIA had Red FULL signs up at all but one lot at about 2:30PM.

How to avoid Red Full signs: exit Pena Blvd @ Tower Rd then go North to USAirport Parking. We have about 3000 open spots right now, and about 75 covered spaces. The weather doesn't predict HAIL this week but it's always best to be safe!

Check US out, you'll be glad you did.

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