Friday, December 24, 2010

DEN parking lots are filling fast- but USAirport Parking has plenty of spots for YOU

You may be hearing on the radio reports and seeing on TV news that the airport lots are full- or almost full, and that outlying lots are too. THAT IS SIMPLY UNTRUE!

USAirport Parking is the world's largest off-airport parking lot and with 8,000 spaces. we have the one YOU NEED- NOW! WE have uncovered spaces, green-covered canopy spots and Express Valet (Only $5 more PER STAY!) and we get you to DIA faster than you can drive right now.

Don't be fooled by broadcast news and traffic reporters! Mt. Elbert is FULL, Pikes will be any minute, BOTH "economy" lots are full so all that will be left are the $18/day garage spaces...
EXIT PENA at Tower Road, go NORTH to 81st Ave and turn WEST to USAirport Parking.

Click to our site for directions, free reservations, coupons and discounts. THEN come on out- we'll see you soon!

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