Friday, December 17, 2010

SNOW is HERE... perfect day for Covered Canopy Parking at USAirport Parking

Snow is flying- finally! It's a perfect day to park under our green canopy.

For just a few dollars more, you will be covered from snow, sun - even hail. And get this, Covered parkers are picked up after uncovered, and dropped off before the rest, on the way back. Nice service, huh? And it's LE$$ than the garage at the airport by $4 per day.

Want even FASTER service? Try our Express Valet. It's just $5 more PER STAY and you'll be on the next bus out to DIA- and dropped off before all other areas (well, OK, handicapped passengers take priority when they are in the spots right inside the gate...) so you won't spend time waiting on the bus while we drop other passengers off. Only $5 more PER STAY to either Covered, or Uncovered rates.

With snow flying- take advantage of our covered canopy parking spots... you will be glad you did!

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