Wednesday, December 22, 2010

DIA garages and economy Filling FAST!

DIA Pikes Peak already FULL!

Airport lots and garages are FULL- or almost there. Pikes Peak is FULL already! $AVE time & money on your trip this week(end).

From town:Exit Pena @ Tower Rd, then north to 81st ave and WEST to USAirport Parking. We have about 3,000 open spots right now and WILL NOT FILL-UP this weekend- guaranteed!

From the North:
E-470 south to 96th Ave, turn right, then left on Tower Road and right onto 81st ave- you can't miss US!

$ave Time: we only need about 15 minutes to park and shuttle you to curbside check-in. Compare THAT to driving around the airport lots looking for a spot!

$ave Money: US is LE$$ than airport rates on EVERY SPACE- that's right- with this coupon you pay only $7 for uncovered parking. Our everyday covered rate is $4 LE$$ than the airport and our Valet is only $5 PER STAY more than the parking rate. At the airport it's $27 PER DAY!

So, any way you LOOK at it, we $ave you time & money-
Check US out!

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