Wednesday, December 29, 2010

USAirport Parking 5th Annual Food Drive about to begin

USAirport Parking, offering First Class Convenience for DIA, begins 5th annual Food Drive to help support Food Bank of the Rockies.

Why donate food now?

Charities typically receive a flood of donations during the holiday season, but interest in charitable giving of all types typically wanes after the holidays. However, hunger is a year-round problem, and it's more helpful to the Food Bank to receive a steady flow of donations (Imagine the problems it would create in your home if you went grocery shopping once a year!). If you donate food now, you'll be helping Food Bank of the Rockies employees and over 1,000 volunteers to assist needy families in an effective manner. YOU donated almost a TON of food during our 2009 Food drive. Let's make 2011 the biggest year yet!

Here's how it works:

Bring your donation (One can or ten boxes - whatever you have) of nonperishable food items to the USAirport Parking office when you enter the facility (need directions to USAirport? Click Here!). The office building is straight ahead from the entrance; it's the building attached to the exit lanes. Our office employees (the office is open 24/7/365) will provide you with a special one-day free uncovered parking coupon. After making your donation and receiving the coupon, proceed to the designated loading area (ask our office staff if you have questions), and the bus will take you to the airport. Upon your return from travel, present the coupon you receive to the cashier as you exit the facility to receive your one free day of uncovered parking.

Terms and conditions*:

We will offer one Food Drive Free Day Coupon (uncovered parking only) to customers who make a charitable donation of any quantity of nonperishable food items (cans only, PLEASE), before February 28.. No more than one Food Drive Free Day will be given to any customer per visit and per donation. The Food Drive Free Days will not be combinable with each other or any other discount or coupon, and are only valid for uncovered parking. The expiration date on the Free Days is June 30, 2011. Customers do not need to use the Free Day coupon on their current trip, and do not need to park with us when they bring the food to receive the coupon that they can use on a future trip (if you don't need airport parking before February 28, but have Food you'd like to donate, you can stop by USAirport Parking and donate food, and receive a coupon for a future trip).

Thank you!

Thanks to Food Bank of the Rockies for doing a great job of helping Colorado and Wyoming's needy families since 1978. Food Bank of the Rockies is a first-rate organization that does a great job of finding food and distributing it to needy families. I was really impressed with my tour of their warehouse - a level of organization and cleanliness that's awesome - you could eat off the warehouse floor! And, I really like what they are doing - taking food that would often be discarded (from households, restaurants, supermarkets, and commercial food wholesalers), and putting it to good use. Since they generally act as the "wholesaler" or warehouse for smaller charitable organizations that distribute food to individuals and families, they often don't get the visibility or credit they deserve. But, without their important work, the job wouldn't get done!

*All terms and conditions subject to change; one Free Day coupon issued per food donation (any amount of items donated receive one coupon), original Free Day coupon required to receive the discount- no copies accepted, further restrictions may apply, see website for complete details.

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