Wednesday, February 2, 2011

FastTrack Parking Customers Welcomed Here

Attention FastTrack Parking Customers

We understand how you feel, losing a company that you have liked, for several years. And when it happens for the THIRD time (FastTrack, Avistar, Park'n XXX???)- well, we just want to let you now that WE are here for YOU!

USAirport Parking offers first class convenience for air travelers using DIA. Easy off at Pena Blvd, north on Tower Rd to 81st avenue. We have several discount programs, and you earn Free Parking with every day you stay. Heck, bring us a canned food donation and we'll give you a FREE DAY on-the-spot.

Best of all, USAirport Parking has been Colorado-owned since its inception in 1997. All money you pay stays in the local economy providing jobs and paying for services in Colorado. Even the earning stay here- and don't go to foreign investors in Canada, Australia or anywhere outside the U.S. - hence the name!

Rest assured that we will treat you right, from your very first stay. And if you have a coupon from whatever new owners of your current parking lot- bring it in and we'll match it... or in some cases- give you a better deal!

USAirport Parking- is YOUR local, Colorado airport parking leader... always was... always will be!

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