Friday, February 18, 2011

Now Accepting competitor coupons...

USAirport Parking, offering 1st Class service for DIA, is now accepting competitors' coupons... up to $3 OFF per day.

Have a coupon from Canopy Airport Parking for $3 OFF- we'll take it for Covered or Uncovered parking.

Have a 20% off coupon from The Parking Spot (or whatever they are called this week)- we'll give you 25% off, a better offer!

Have a coupon from DIA Park? We'll come as close as we can- AFTER the added fees and charges are included - and give you up to $3OFF per day!

Have a coupon from Wally Park- well that's a weird one, because their coupon is a "bring your competitor coupon" so I guess you'd need someone else's coupon first!

And, by the way, we STILL have our OWN coupons and discounts for you... check them out, and bring us your best offer!

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