Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tower Road & 81st Ave is 18000 E 81st Ave

USAirport Parking has NOT moved, and is NOT at 8100 Tower Road! But our address is actually 18000 E. 81st Avenue. Same great service, same great pricing- better address!

In the early days (you know, horses, tumbleweeds, buggies and wagons) GPS providers did not have any data near the airport- and someone said, "I put in 8100 Tower Rd and the GPS showed your corner." And that's what people did for a long time.

Well, now there is another business out near that same corner and guess what address they chose? Of course! So I've been calling, emailing and working with the major data providers to get the GPS databases corrected to the proper address.

And for you VENDORS out there, I doubt that anyone at the new address will be paying our invoices- so PLEASE change our billing address to 18000 E. 81st Ave. Thanks!

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