Friday, February 25, 2011

Where do you park on your airline trip when it's snowing?

OK- you found a great deal on airfare and you are ready to fly. All packed, boarding pass printed (you DO print those at home, right? Only about 40% of travelers do!), car loaded up... and it's snowing! Dang it- I HATE when that happens!

You have a couple choices:
1- drive to the airport, park in the garage (if it isn't already FULL) and pay $18 /day. If you are lucky-enough, you can get a spot away from the walls where the snow blows in anyway.

2- park off-airport. You'll save time (no looking around for a spot - most lots direct you to an open space) and you'll save money. OFF-airport lots are typically less expensive than on-airport lots. In Denver we have an on-airport lot operated by a vendor. They PITCH themselves as off-airport but in reality they are on airport property and pay a lease payment monthly to DIA... and charge even MORE that the airport's "economy" lots.

And if you REALLY want first-class service... try VALET. The lot will park your car for you, and when you return you can have the car warmed up for you on a cold day - or cooled down on a hot day. It's $27/day at the airport... guess what? It's LESS at an off-airport lot!

Run a search- like "Denver Airport Parking" and see what you find. It'll be worth your time...

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