Friday, October 2, 2009

DIA Garages are FULL

WOW! A week from Thanksgiving and folks are traveling? I guess a lot of you were able to get "fare sale" tickets on SWA or Frontier for FALL, and that is causing full lots AT the Denver airport. The DIA lots are filling up fast, in fact BOTH garages are already FULL right now! Don't belive me? Check their website for lot status.

Here's the thing- you can drive ALL the way to the airport, drive around in circles looking for a spot and then WALK 5 more minutes into the airport and take the escalator to the check in level. OR... you can avoid the "Pain on Pena" and get off at Tower Rd. Then go north to USAirport Parking. From E-470, take EXIT 28-B and then right on Tower Rd. We will guide you to an open spot, pick you up at your car and drop you at curbside check-in. All this in about 10 minutes! On the way home we'll reverse it and drop you right at you car and carry your bags to your trunk!

What do you say? Give US a try, and you will be glad you did!

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