Monday, October 26, 2009

Holidays? Already? Make a reservation today

Oh no, it's almost Halloween. You KNOW what that means- Christmas is coming like a runaway train!

OK, maybe you aren't one of those "early deal" shoppers, but I am willing to bet that your holiday TRAVEL plans are made, booked and ready-to-go. But wait, what did you forget? Oh yah, airport parking!

No one thinks about it until they are ready to go, but how are you getting to Denver International Aiport for your holiday trip: neighbors, friends, family, shuttle, RTD bus... driving yourself? Well driving yourself makes a lot of sense when you are more than a few miles away from the airport, especially when everyone you know is busy with their own holiday plans.

Go ahead, drive yourself. It makes a lot of sense- you already have enough to coordinate with the family, packing and all the details so why bother bringing a driver into the mess as well? You leave when you want, park where you want and drive home when you return... the only traffic jam is in your doorway at 6AM.

Here's the best part, if you shop wisely you can save big bucks on parking. The (DIA) Denver airport has almost 50,000 spots, and you will pay dearly for them and get little or no service. Heck, they don't even have coupons! But off-airport- true off-airport parking offers service, coupons, discounts, help and more. Take USAirport Parking as an example... we offer FREE reservations and we don't even ASK for a credit card- so when you get to the lot, you aren't turned away- or sent another 10 miles down the road to a REMOTE lot behind the UPS facilities where the buses seem to take forEVER to get there!

Click through to our site to see all the details, FAQs and discounts/coupons for your holiday trip- that's right- our coupons are good even during the holidays!

Go for it- you deserve it!

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