Tuesday, October 6, 2009

FREE Parking- not just in Monopoly anymore!

No such thing as a free lunch... nothing in life is free... you've heard them all! Well, I'm here to tell you that Monopoly is not the only place you can get FREE Parking- with a USAiport Parking Frequent Parker Card, you earn FREE Parking with every day you stay near DIA!

Just like airline miles, you earn credit (a punch on your card) for every day you pay to park at USAirport Parking, even if you use a coupon or other discount. But here's the key- NO Blackout dates, No Expiration and we will NEVER send you a list of magazines that you can order to use up your credits! Just this past weekend we had several folks redeem their punch cards for FREE Parking, and the cards they had been using were nearly 10 years old! Now, that's value.

Do you have a punch card but forgot it on that last trip? No problem- just send in your receipt and the punch card, and we'll give your punches to you and send the card back. Or you can do it on your next trip as well. We've issued over 935,000 cards in 11 years, both new requests and replacements for full cards. Don;t worry, we have some cards for you, too! Sign up today...

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