Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thanksgiving travel?

Over the river and through the woods to DIA we go! Yup, time for some figgy pudding, pumpkin pie tryptophan and another loss for the Lions. Do you think they will wear logos on their uniforms this year?!

Whether or not you managed to get a great fare sale from SWA or Frontier, don't forget about PARKING. When you leave for your trip, your family and friends will be as bust as you preparing for their guests -and will NOT want to waste their precious time driving you to DIA, and then picking you up a week later. Give 'em a break and don't rub it in. Drive your OWN car, new or clunker, to USAirport Parking because WE WANT YOUR CAR while you are away!

While you may not need a reservation, you can take the angst out of this trip and make a FREE RESERVATION to guarantee a spot. Visit our website to see about our discounts and coupons!

We'll see you next week!

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