Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Neither rain, nor snow, nor sleet...

The Postal Service USED to have a "slogan" about nothing keeping the mailman from his appointed rounds. Well anyone living in Colorado knows that is basically a bunch of bull hooey! Remember 2006? I can't remember how many days we went without mail delivery- but it was several days!

So I guess the point today, as I sit at home because I just couldn't see spending a couple hours in the car EACH WAY today to go sit in the office, is to make sure YOU know that USAirport Parking IS actually open 24/7/366. It doesn't matter if we have rain, or snow or even an earthquake- if you need to pick-up your car... we are here. If you need to park and fly... we are here. If your flight gets canceled don't worry about a reservation- we will miss you, but we know you will be back for your next flight!

And speaking of weather- we have some options for you: 1) you can self-park your car in our Covered spaces and avoid the ice and snow; 2) you can use our Valet Service and we will park your car, Covered or Uncovered, and when you return we will have it brushed or scraped, warmed up and heated (if you choose) and ready to go. Options are good- especially in Colorado weather!

Don't fret about the weather. We have you Covered- for LE$$!

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