Monday, October 5, 2009

$AVE on Parking with Monthly and Annual

We know many folks who travel every week- sometimes twice in the same week- and they pay, and pay, and pay to park at the airport. A fair number of people around the country have vacation homes/property in the Colorado mountains, and keep renting and renting and... well, you get it. How can they save even MORE on airport parking?

Try USAirport Parking's Monthly or Annual prepaid parking service! With our monthly prepaid parking, you pay for about 16 days and get unlimited ins/outs for 31 days. That's almost HALF-OFF the regular Uncovered rate. You don't even want to know what it would cost to park like this at Denver Airport! Plus we can keep the keys for you so you don't have to worry about losing them.

Take that a step further, and stop renting cars during peak seasons at DIA when you come to ski or enjoy the summer mountains at your vacation property. You pre-pay for a year at $1500; again you get unlimited ins/outs, we'll handle the keys for you (and if you like, check them out to friends and family- or co-workers- who may be in CO to rent your property) and now you only pay for 10 months of the discounted rate above Your effective cost goes down to about $4 per day! Now taxes, no hidden or add-on fees- just a plain-talking, simple rate that you can count on for a year. That adds up to about 2 weekly rentals in ski season... and we are almost NEVER SOLD OUT. And both options are available for Covered parking at a slightly higher cost.

You want options? We got 'em! You want to save on airport parking? We help you! Aren't we awesome?! Just kidding- sort of!

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