Monday, October 12, 2009

Faster, Better, Cheaper!

What is faster, better and cheaper than parking at the airport? You guessed it- off-airport parking!

Think about it: last time you flew out of DIA (DEN) you drove alllll the way up Pena Blvd to the parking entrance; you drove around the garage for 5-10 minutes looking for a spot (that you can remember when you return!); you dragged your luggage another 3-5 minutes to the terminal and found out you were on the wrong level for curbside checkin; you took the escalator up to level 6 and waited in a looooong line to check your bags before finally going to wait in the security lines. Wow- that took what, about 30 minutes?

Compare that experience to USAirport Parking: we are on Tower Road (10 minutes sooner than the airport); we guide you to a space; load your bags on the bus and drive you to curbside check-in; you wait maybe 2 minutes and voila- your are ready for the security line. Total time? About 17 minutes! Yikes, you just saved about 15 precious minutes that you can spend in the security line!

And what about your choices for off-airport parking? Well in Denver, you have 3 that are scattered about the area between I-70/32nd ave, 56th and Tower and 81 and Tower. (You also have an on-site choice buried in the rental car area). I have ridden on all 4 of these providers, and I have to honestly tell you that there is probably 2-3 minutes difference between them. The real issue is how long you wait on the lot until the shuttle bus heads to DIA.

Being the largest lot with the most buses, USAirport tends to get you out the gate a little bit faster. And then, being right off Pena, we tend to get to DIA a little bit sooner (don't be fooled by the proximity of the car rental loop. All those stop lights and turn-a-rounds take a long time to navigate!)

But the key lies in which lot provides the service you like best: FREE newspapers, FREE tire inflation, FREE jump-starts, FREE Parking after 30-paid days (FREE to join!), corporate discounts, and EXTREME CUSTOMER SERVICE.

You've tried the slowest, park with US next time and see the difference!

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